David Choe’s Net Worth in 2023, Biography, Career, and More

Check Out David Choe’s net worth, including his biography, Career, Age, height, and other details. As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be approximately $300 million. David Choe is an American artist, musician, actor, and former journalist and podcast host from Los Angeles. 

Who is David Choe?

David Choe, born on April 21, 1976, is a multi-talented American artist, musician, actor, and former journalist and podcast host hailing from Los Angeles. Choe’s artistic creations can be found across various urban cultures and entertainment platforms. He has contributed illustrations and written content for renowned magazines such as Hustler, Ray Gun, and Vice.

Additionally, he maintains an ongoing collaboration with Giant Robot, a magazine-store hybrid focused on Asian pop culture. Choe’s distinctive figurative paintings delve into themes of desire, degradation, and exaltation, characterized by his unique and energetic approach, often referred to as his “dirty style.”

What is David Choe’s Net Worth?

David Choe is an American painter, graffiti artist, graphic novelist, and muralist who has amassed a considerable net worth of $300 million. Renowned for his figurative paintings, he is particularly recognized for his iconic bucktoothed whale in the graffiti realm. Choe has contributed his artistic talents to notable publications including “Hustler,” “Vice,” and “Ray Gun.” Moreover, he co-hosted the podcast “DVDASA” alongside adult film star Asa Akira.

Choe’s literary works include the books “Slow Jams” (1999), “Bruised Fruit: The Art of David Choe” (2002), “Cursiv” (2003), and “David Choe” (2020). In 2008, he was the subject of the documentary “Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe.” Additionally, Choe has made appearances on television shows such as “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” (2013), “Vice” (2014), “Better Things” (2019), and “The Mandalorian” (2021).

Net Worth$300 Million
NameDavid Choe
Salary$10 Million +
Monthly Income$0.4 Million +
Date of BirthApril 21, 1976
Age47 Yrs
Height1.70m. (5’ 6”)
Weight71 Kg (156 lbs)
ProfessionAmerican artist, musician, actor

The Facebook Mural: David Choe’s Lucrative Artistic Venture

In the early 2000s, David Choe’s remarkable graffiti work caught the attention of Sean Parker, the President of Facebook. Impressed by Choe’s talent, Parker enlisted him to adorn the walls of Facebook’s headquarters in Silicon Valley. When the time came to discuss compensation, Choe proposed a fee of $60,000.

Recognizing an opportunity, Parker consulted with CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who made a shrewd suggestion: rather than receiving cash, Choe could opt for payment in the form of company stock. Little did Choe know how astute this decision would prove to be.

The Value of Stock: A Fortuitous Choice

Although the exact number of shares Choe received remains undisclosed and is not significant enough to be publicly reported by Facebook, it is estimated that his equity was worth approximately $200 million at the time of Facebook’s initial public offering (IPO). However, given the substantial growth in Facebook’s stock value since the IPO, it is plausible that Choe’s holdings fluctuated and at certain points may have reached a staggering worth of $300-500 million.

A Financial Triumph Through Artistic Vision

David Choe’s collaboration with Facebook stands as a remarkable testament to the power of artistic vision and a fortuitous business decision. What began as a graffiti artist’s commission turned into a lucrative venture, propelling Choe’s net worth to extraordinary heights. This unexpected turn of events underscores the symbiotic relationship between creativity and business acumen in the realm of modern success stories.

David Choe Biography

Born on April 21, 1976, David Choe is a 46-year-old artist hailing from Los Angeles, California, in the United States. Growing up in Koreatown, he was raised by Korean immigrant parents who were devout Christians. From a young age, Choe displayed a keen interest in visual arts and design, particularly in the realm of street graphics. His early experiences with spray paint on the streets laid the foundation for his future professional endeavors.

Choe pursued his artistic education at the prestigious California College of the Arts, honing his skills and establishing himself as a recognized artist. His passion for graphic work emerged during the early stages of his career, setting the stage for his artistic journey. Over time, Choe has achieved significant acclaim and recognition, not only as an artist but also as an actor, making appearances on popular television shows.

Throughout his life, David Choe’s artistic pursuits have shaped his identity and contributed to his success in the art world. From humble beginnings in Los Angeles to becoming a well-known figure in the creative industry, his talent and dedication have propelled him on a remarkable path.

Real Name David Choe
Nick Name David Choe
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, United States
Date Of Birth 21 April 1976
Age 46 years old 
Height 170 cm ( 5’6”)
Weight 71 Kg (156 lbs)
Eye Colour N/A
Hair Colour N/A
Education California College of the Arts
Religion N/A
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Kids/Children Name N/A
Profession American artist
Net Worth $300 Million

Early Life of David Choe

Born on April 21, 1976, in Los Angeles, California, David Choe spent his formative years in the Koreatown neighborhood. His parents, Korean immigrants, and devout Christians, instilled in him a strong cultural and religious background. As a young artist, Choe honed his skills by drawing iconic figures from “Star Wars” and “G.I. Joe.” In 1990, he delved into the world of graffiti art, drawing inspiration from prominent Los Angeles graffiti artists such as Hex and Mear One.

The course of Choe’s life took an unexpected turn when his parents’ real estate business was destroyed during the 1992 L.A. riots. This event prompted him to leave high school and embark on a transformative journey. He embarked on a two-year hitchhiking adventure across America, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, gaining invaluable experiences and insights along the way.

At the age of 21, Choe returned to California and enrolled at the California College of the Arts. However, his time at the institution was short-lived as he made the decision to drop out after two years, opting to pursue his artistic career in his own unique way.

Career: David Choe’s Artistic Journey

A Brush with Consequences

David Choe’s bold graffiti pursuits led him down a path that included a week-long prison stint. However, he didn’t let setbacks deter his passion for art. After his release, he moved back in with his parents and began writing and illustrating for various magazines, including the renowned publication “Vice.” Choe’s involvement with “Vice” extended further as he appeared in the web series “Thumbs Up!” (2007-2010), which documented his and his best friend Harry Kim’s adventures hitchhiking, train-hopping across the United States, and even embarking on a hitchhiking journey through China.

The Rise of “Giant Robot” and Unconventional Exhibitions

Around the same time, Choe collaborated with “Vice,” he also forged a fruitful relationship with the popular pop culture store and magazine “Giant Robot.” As Choe’s artwork struggled to gain traction in traditional art galleries, he took a unique approach by showcasing his pieces in an unexpected venue – the Melrose Avenue ice cream shop, Double Rainbow. The positive response from customers led to a two-year exhibition of Choe’s work at the shop, with new pieces added each time one was sold.

The Graphic Novel and Documentary

In 2006, Choe self-published his graphic novel, “Slow Jams.” Initially producing around 200 copies, he distributed them at Comic-Con in 1998. Choe’s work caught the attention of the Xeric Grant, resulting in a $5,000 award to self-publish an expanded edition of 1,000 copies in 1999. The graphic novel, originally priced at $4, has since become a sought-after collector’s item, commanding high prices on platforms like eBay.

Choe’s unconventional life and artistic endeavors were captured by his close friend Harry Kim, resulting in the 2008 documentary “Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe.” This intense portrait explores Choe’s near-schizophrenic nature and his penchant for devising daring schemes that funded his globetrotting adventures.

Solo Exhibitions and Creative Collaborations

Choe’s talent eventually garnered recognition in the art world. He held numerous solo shows in cities like San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Rosa, culminating in his first solo New York exhibition, “Gardeners of Eden,” at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in 2007. The following year, he made his mark in the UK with his first solo exhibition titled “Murderous Heart” at the Lazarides Gallery in London and Newcastle.

Continuing to expand his creative reach, Choe exhibited his captivating watercolors at the Museo Universario del Chopo in Mexico City in 2013. In 2017, he hosted a private invite-only exhibition, “The Choe Show,” in the heart of Koreatown. Not limited to the realm of fine art, Choe’s talents extended to designing the cover for Jay-Z and Linkin Park’s 2004 “Collision Course” EP and lending his voice to the lead character in the animated film “We Are The Strange” in 2007.

David Choe’s artistic journey showcases his unyielding determination, innovative exhibitions, and collaborations that have solidified his place in the art world.

Personal Life

Aiding Charitable Causes

David Choe has actively participated in various charitable endeavors, lending his support to raise funds for initiatives such as Wyclef Jean’s Yle Haiti. He has also engaged with at-risk children, collaborating with The LIDÈ Haiti Foundation, founded by “The Office” star Rainn Wilson and his wife, author Holiday Reinhorn, to create inspiring art projects.

A Brush with Consequences in Tokyo

In the early 2000s, Choe found himself facing a three-month prison sentence in Tokyo after punching an undercover security guard. The incident stemmed from a language barrier misunderstanding. During his imprisonment, Choe showcased his resilience by creating over 600 drawings using the solitary pen allowed in his cell. He also produced unconventional works, including paintings infused with tea, soy sauce, blood, and urine.

Controversial Statements and Personal Growth

In 2014, Choe stirred controversy when he made comments on his podcast alluding to “rapey behavior” towards a masseuse. He later clarified that the podcast should be viewed as a work of fiction. The remarks drew significant backlash, and artists protested his commission to paint the Bowery Mural Wall in 2017.

Jasmine Wahi, an artist involved in organizing a performance in front of the mural, emphasized the importance of challenging the normalization of rape culture. Choe subsequently issued an apology, expressing deep remorse for any hurt caused by his words. He acknowledged the severity of non-consensual sex as rape and emphasized the need to treat the subject with utmost seriousness.

A Journey of Reflection and Redemption

David Choe’s life and career have been marked by philanthropy, controversy, and personal growth. Despite his missteps, he has engaged in charitable causes, utilized art as a means of self-expression during challenging times, and confronted the consequences of his controversial statements. Choe’s willingness to reflect on his past actions, apologize, and strive for a better understanding of important issues underscores the complexity of his narrative.

Real Estate Ventures: David Choe’s Property Endeavors

Back in 2010, David Choe made a significant investment in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. He purchased an expansive mansion covering 6,500 square feet for a notable sum of $3.1 million. The property boasted impressive features and amenities.

However, in September 2022, Choe decided to part ways with his Los Feliz mansion. He listed the exquisite residence for sale, with an asking price of $6.9 million. The substantial increase in the listing price reflected the value Choe saw in the property over the years and the ever-changing real estate market dynamics.

David Choe’s foray into real estate showcases his ventures beyond the art world, demonstrating a shrewd eye for investment opportunities. The sale of his Los Feliz mansion presents a new chapter in his property endeavors and invites potential buyers to experience the allure of his former luxurious abode.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of David Choe?

David Choe boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $300 million, signifying his remarkable financial success.

How old is David Choe?

As of the current date, which is May 18, 2023, David Choe is 46 years old, having been born on April 21, 1976.

How much does David Choe make annually?

David Choe is reported to have an annual salary estimated at $10 million.

What is the height of David Choe?

David Choe stands at a height of approximately 1.70 meters (5′ 6″).

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