How does John Daly Make Money Now?

Discover all you need to know about John Daly such as John Daly’s Net Worth, his captivating Biography, earnings, income Sources, wife, current Age, Height, and Weight, along with additional details, right here on this very page. John Daly is a famous American golfer who has an estimated Net worth of $2 million as of 2023.

John Daly Net Worth, Wiki & Bio

Who is John Daly?

John Daly is a prominent American professional golfer renowned for his long driving distance off the tee and distinctive persona. He has competed on both the PGA Tour and PGA Tour Champions.

Daly’s career is marked by exceptional victories, including the 1991 PGA Championship and the 1995 Open Championship, along with controversies and personal challenges. His nickname “Long John” reflects his powerful drives and he remains a captivating figure in the world of golf.

John Daly Overview
Full NameJohn Patrick Daly
Celebrated NameJohn Daly
Date of BirthApril 28, 1966
Age57 years old
Place of BirthCarmichael, California, U.S.
Height5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Weight250 lb (110 kg)
NationalityUnited States of America

How does John Daly Make Money Now?

John Daly makes most of his money from playing professional golf.

During his career, he’s won millions of dollars in prize money by competing in different golf tournaments. Here are some of the major earning sources of famous golfer John Daly.


Daly has also made money by endorsing products. He has endorsed a variety of products over the years, such as golf equipment, clothing, and drinks.

Retirement Annuity

Daly has a retirement annuity, which gives him money during his retirement years.

Merchandise Sales

Daly also generates income from selling merchandise like hats, shirts, and golf clubs with his name and logo on them.

Video Streaming

He’s ventured into video streaming, sharing his golf rounds on platforms like Twitch, which provides him with additional income.

Book Deals

Additionally, Daly has authored several books, including his autobiography. These books have earned him money through book deals and royalties.

Business Ventures

Daly has been involved in several business ventures, such as a clothing line and a golf course design company.


He has also made money by appearing at different events, such as corporate functions and golf tournaments.

Charity Golf Tournaments

Daly has organized and played in charity golf tournaments to raise money for different causes, which has also given him money.

How much is John Daly’s Net Worth in 2023?

John Daly, the American professional golfer, boasts a net worth of $2 million. Despite the potential for a higher net worth, Daly has faced substantial financial losses, largely attributed to his severe gambling issue and multiple divorces.

These financial challenges will be discussed further in this article. Nicknamed “Long John” for his remarkable driving prowess, Daly is recognized for his distinctive demeanor, on-course controversies, and off-course incidents. As of February 20, 2023, his career earnings surpass $10.2 million.

John Daly Net Worth Overview
Full NameJohn Patrick Daly
Net Worth in 2023$2 million
Age57 years old
Professional Wins19
NationalityUnited States of America

John Daly’s Earnings Details

John Daly has amassed a substantial fortune through his golfing career, accumulating approximately $10 million from the PGA Tour. Yet, a significant portion of his income stems from lucrative endorsements, partnerships, and business ventures.

Endorsement Ventures

Daly’s financial portfolio receives a notable boost from endorsement contracts. Notably, he serves as the face of Loudmouth Golf, a clothing brand known for its distinctive styles. In 2014, Daly solidified another partnership by collaborating with the golf discount retailer, Rock Bottom Golf.

Investment Ventures

Beyond golf, Daly delved into entrepreneurial endeavors. While his wine label, John Daly Wines, eventually met its end, he embarked on a golf course design venture, JD Designs. This design company has crafted courses across the globe, spanning Canada, California, Ireland, Missouri, and Arkansas.

Diverse Revenue Streams

Daly’s influence extends beyond the green. He ventured into the gaming realm, lending his image to “Prostroke Golf,” a video game available for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Furthermore, his musical pursuits have contributed to his multifaceted earnings.

Daly’s vocals graced Kid Rock’s track “Half Your Age” in 2007, and he collaborated with renowned artists like Darius Rucker, Willie Nelson, and Johnny Lee. Demonstrating his versatility, Daly even released his music album, “I Only Know One Way,” in 2010, with eight self-penned songs.

John Daly Wiki

John Daly Wiki Overview
Full NameJohn Patrick Daly
NicknameWild Thing, Long John, Big John, JD, The Lion
Date of BirthApril 28, 1966
Age57 Years Old
Place of BirthCarmichael, California, U.S.
Height5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Weight250 lb (110 kg)
OccupationProfessional Golfer
Sporting NationalityUnited States
ResidenceDardanelle, Arkansas
Spouse Dale Crafton (m. 1987; div. 1990)
Bettye Fulford (m. 1992; div. 1995)
Paulette Dean (m. 1995; div. 1999)
Sherrie Miller (m. 2001; div. 2007)
CollegeUniversity of Arkansas
Turned Professional1987
Professional Wins19
Highest Ranking23 (October 9, 2005)

John Daly Biography

Dear readers, we offer comprehensive information about John Daly’s biography. Please explore it further below.

Early Life

Born on April 28, 1966, in Carmichael, California, John Patrick Daly’s early life was characterized by frequent moves across southern states during his middle-class upbringing.

Settling in Arkansas, he discovered golf and his interest was sparked by Jack Nicklaus. This inspired Daly to pursue golf more earnestly, leading to several teenage championship victories.

Career: Triumphs and Challenges

Early Victories and Surprising Upsets
John Daly’s professional golf career commenced in 1987 with a triumphant win at the Missouri Open. Notably, 1990 saw his victory at the Ben Hogan Utah Classic.

The most remarkable milestone arrived in 1991, when Daly clinched his first PGA Championship victory, defying expectations as an underdog. This feat resonated widely within the golf community, stirring excitement.

Ups and Downs: Consistency and Struggles
Continuing his journey, Daly demonstrated a strong performance in 1992 and secured a commendable third place in the 1993 Masters Tournament. However, a setback arose in 1994 when he was suspended for leaving the course mid-round, prompting his entry into alcohol abuse rehabilitation.

Triumph Amidst Challenges
In 1995, Daly secured the Open Championship title. Nonetheless, the subsequent five years presented challenges linked to his drinking habits, impacting his game.

A turning point occurred in 2001 with his victory at the BMW International Open, initiating a remarkable comeback. Building on this success, Daly achieved more wins over the next two years, culminating in his significant triumph at the 2004 Buick Invitational.

Navigating Through Highs and Lows
While 2005 brought disappointment, Daly’s subsequent nine years showcased fluctuations in his form. Despite his earnings amounting to millions during his golfing tenure, his non-exempt status necessitated reliance on sponsorships and invitations for specific events.

Resilience and Return
Eligibility for the PGA Tour Champions arrived in 2016, ushering in a new phase of Daly’s career. Breaking his win drought, he triumphed in various events, marking a notable comeback.

As of 2022, Daly remained an active contender in the Champions Tour. However, following a knee surgery and intensive rehabilitation post an October event, he remained steadfast in his determination to make a triumphant return to the game.

Relationships: John Daly’s Marital Journey

Early Unions and Partings
John Daly’s marital history has been marked by a series of unions and separations. His first marriage was to Dale Crafton in 1987, but the couple parted ways within three years. In 1992, Daly entered his second marriage with Bettye Fulford, resulting in the birth of their child.

However, their relationship was tumultuous, as Daly faced charges of third-degree assault in 1994. Despite this, Fulford chose not to pursue legal action, and the specifics of the incident remain undisclosed. By 1995, Daly and Fulford had divorced.

New Beginnings and Challenges
Daly’s third marriage was to Paulette Dean, leading to the birth of another child in 1995. Yet, their marital bond ended in divorce just four years later. In 2001, Daly embarked on his fourth marriage, this time with Sherrie Miller. Their union brought the birth of a child in 2003. However, a troubled incident unfolded in 2007 when an altercation transpired between the spouses at a Tennessee restaurant.

Legal Troubles and Custody Battles
Following the restaurant altercation, authorities became involved, and Miller fled with their young son. Subsequently, Miller faced federal drug charges, resulting in a five-month prison sentence.

Daly was awarded custody of their child, and Miller’s imprisonment was prolonged due to interference with John’s visitation rights and other transgressions.

Diversified Ventures and Notable Appearances

Loudmouth Golf and Rock Bottom Golf
John Daly’s endorsement deals extend to various ventures. He is associated with Loudmouth Golf, a clothing line known for its vibrant designs. In 2014, he inked a deal with Rock Bottom Golf, a discount golf store, further expanding his brand partnerships.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors
Daly ventured into the world of entrepreneurship with his wine label, John Daly Wines. Despite his efforts, the business eventually closed. On a different front, he embarked on the path of golf course design through his company, JD Designs. The company has undertaken projects in diverse locations, including California, Ireland, Canada, Missouri, and Arkansas.

Gaming and Entertainment
Daly’s influence stretches into the realm of gaming and entertainment. He made his mark in the virtual world by appearing in the video game “Prostroke Golf.”

In an interesting distinction, he became one of only two real-life individuals to feature in the “Everybody’s Golf” series. Furthermore, fans of arcade gaming can find his likeness in the well-known “Golden Tee” arcade golf game.

Musical Ventures of John Daly

Unexpected Music Career
John Daly’s involvement in the music industry might come as a surprise to many. His engagement spans various musical pursuits that have showcased his diverse talents.

Collaborations and Albums
In 2007, Daly lent his vocals to the track “Half Your Age” by Kid Rock. Notably, he has released multiple albums, delving into the realm of music.

One of his albums, titled “I Only Know One Way,” was introduced to the world in 2010. This particular release features notable collaborations, including work with singer Darius Rucker.

Early Releases and Recent Album
Daly’s musical journey commenced with his debut album, “My Life.” This inaugural project boasted guest vocals from renowned artists Willie Nelson and Johnny Lee.

In a more recent development, he released his album “Whiskey & Water” in March 2022, further showcasing his ongoing commitment to the music scene.

Daly’s Candid Remarks and Struggles

1994 Revelation and Substance Struggles
Back in 1994, John Daly made headlines by asserting that numerous PGA Tour players were cocaine users, positioning himself as among the “cleanest” if drug testing were comprehensive. However, Daly himself has battled substance issues.

Coach’s Departure and Hooters Incident
In 2008, Daly’s swing coach ended their association due to his concerns over Daly’s alcohol consumption. During the same year, he was discovered inebriated outside a Hooters establishment. Although no legal actions were taken, a widely publicized mugshot triggered intense media attention.

Turning Point and Healing
The Hooters incident prompted Daly to confront his drinking problem, leading to a decision to quit alcohol. This transformative choice significantly enhanced his golf performance. Reflecting on his struggles, Daly later acknowledged the influence of his alcoholic father on his battles with alcohol.

Health Battles Faced by John Daly

Lap-Band Surgery and Weight Loss
In 2009, Daly addressed his weight and health issues by undergoing lap-band surgery. Shedding a remarkable 100 pounds, this procedure significantly curbed his food intake. Previously, he grappled with obesity and its accompanying health complications.

Brush with Death: Spider Bite and Sepsis
Daly’s life took a perilous turn in 2019 when a brown recluse spider bite led to sepsis, a life-threatening condition. Swift emergency surgery saved his life after his health deteriorated due to the infection.

Cancer Diagnosis and Struggles
In 2002, Daly faced another daunting health challenge: bladder cancer. He disclosed that he had been battling the ailment for a considerable period before surgery successfully removed the cancer.

Though victorious, medical experts cautioned an 85% risk of recurrence. In response, Daly publicly declared his intent to quit smoking and cease drinking Diet Coke to minimize this risk.

Battle with Gambling Addiction

Revealing Struggles in Autobiography
In 2006, John Daly candidly shared his arduous journey through a gambling addiction in his autobiography. This revelation shed light on his past challenges and offered insights into the extent of his struggle.

Staggering Financial Toll
Daly’s gambling habit inflicted a substantial blow to his financial standing. With candor, he disclosed that his losses reached a staggering $90 million, with approximately 35 million won back. Thus, his net loss through gambling amounted to approximately $55 million.

Noteworthy Incident: $1.5 Million Loss
A poignant episode in Daly’s battle was his loss of $1.5 million in October 2005, playing a slot machine in Las Vegas. This specific incident underscored the depths of his addiction and its financial consequences.

Legal Battle Over Defamation

Challenging Newspaper Allegations
In 2005, John Daly initiated a legal action against the “Florida Times-Union,” alleging defamation in response to a columnist’s description of him as a “scoundrel.” Seeking to protect his reputation, Daly took legal recourse against the newspaper.

Outcome of Legal Pursuit
However, Daly’s case faced a setback when a judge dismissed the lawsuit in 2009. The inability to substantiate the columnist’s statements as false led to the unfavorable verdict. Consequently, Daly was required to pay the newspaper more than $300,000 in legal fees, marking a significant financial setback.

John Daly’s Charity Work

Daly is renowned for his philanthropic efforts. The Arkansas native demonstrated his generosity by contributing $30,000 to the family of a lightning strike victim during the 1991 PGA Championship held at Crooked Stick Golf Club, a tournament he competed in and won.
Throughout his career, John has been a dedicated contributor to various charities in his Arkansas hometown.

He actively supports sports events at the University of Arkansas and has made donations to organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Boys and Girls Clubs of America, as well as his high school. He frequently participates in charitable events such as the Celebrity Pro-Am Monday to further these causes.

John Daly’s Car

Daly owns a fully equipped RV complete with modern luxuries like a bedroom, a compact bar, and a kitchen. He utilizes this recreational vehicle for travel, driving to tournament venues, and even camping.

Embracing the comfort of a king-size bed and equipped with a rooftop television and satellite, Daly finds respite on the road. The RV boasts a bathroom, a compact kitchen, and a spacious refrigerator. Inside, a sofa is arranged by the side, complemented by an attractive ceiling design.

John Daly’s House

Residing in the upscale Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, the golfer inhabits a lavish residence valued at approximately $700,000.

This spacious home features four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, boasting over 4,000 square feet of living space. Constructed in 2005, the house encompasses a generous backyard, a patio, and various amenities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many Masters titles has John Daly won?

John Daly has secured 19 professional victories during his career, but he has yet to clinch a Master’s title. His best performance was a T3 finish in 1993.

Q2. What is John Daly’s marital history?

John Daly has been married four times. His first marriage was to Dale Crafton, lasting three years. He then married Bettye Fulford in 1992, followed by Paulette Dean. His fourth marriage was to Sherrie Miller in 2007.

Q3. How many children does John Daly have?

John Daly is a proud father of three children: John Patrick Daly II, Sierra Lynn Daly II, and Shynah Hale Daly.

Q4. Who is John Daly’s current girlfriend?

John Daly has been in a relationship with Anna Cladakis for the past 15 years. They began dating after his fourth marriage ended.

Q5. Does John Daly own a motorcycle?

Yes, John Daly is the owner of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

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