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Meet Srikanta Mondal, the imaginative person behind the blog Networthtown. Srikanta is the sole author who creates and organizes all the content for those aspiring to learn more.

For a brief overview and more detailed information about the blogs, you can check out the About Us page, which includes concise details about the author.

Quick Overview About Gkbooks

Blog Name:Networthtown.Com
Author:Sriknata Mondal
Launch Year:2023
Topics:Net Worth, Real Estate, Earnings, Salary, and Biography of Famous Individuals.
Useful for:For those individuals interested in celebrity wealth and lifestyles:
Notable Features:Tabular Data with Multiple Subheadings for Easy Understanding and Latest Updated Information.
Total Social Media Subscriber/Follower:0 as of 2024

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Quick Info About Me

Academic Name:Srikanta Mondal
Nick Name:Vaskor Mondal
Date of Birth:1 September, 1991
Place of Birth:Naihati, North 24 Parganas
Age:33 (As of 2024)
Educational Qualification:B.TECH in Information Technology
Occupation:Educator, Blogger and Content Writer
Working Experience:Making Notes for some of the famous Facebook Pages or Groups “UDAAN”, “WBCS (Exe) & PSC-WB” and Pediascience.
Expert in:Content Writing, Making Study Notes, Maps, MCQs, and Infographics
Experience:5 Years

Brief overview of the blog

This blog is your one-stop source to explore the financial world of celebrities and business giants!

Curious about a celeb’s real estate portfolio? Want to know how much they earn per movie? Or maybe you’re just interested in the latest buzz surrounding their net worth? This blog has it all, delivered in a way that’s easy to understand and fun to read!

As a finance enthusiast myself, I’m passionate about uncovering the stories behind wealth. That’s why I started this blog…

So come on in, explore, and discover the fascinating world of celebrity and business wealth! ✨

Now that you’ve learned about the blog, let’s delve into some information about the author…

About Srikanta Mondal

Personal background

Early Life and Upbringing

I’m Srikanto Mondal, also known as Vaskor Mondal, and I hail from the town of Naihati in West Bengal.

Born on September 1, 1991, I am currently 33 years old. I completed my high school education at Naihati Mahendra High School in 2009.

Those years in Naihati were pivotal, setting the foundation for my future. My journey started in this small town, where early experiences greatly influenced who I am today. These formative years played a significant role in shaping my identity and the path I am currently on.

Educational Background

My educational journey commenced at Kuliagorh Satishghosh High School, where I completed my Class 10.

Subsequently, I transitioned to Naihati Mahendra High School, where I finished my Higher Secondary Education in 2009.

Keen to explore the field of Information Technology (IT), I pursued B.TECH at Kalyani University.

Throughout my academic path, I acquired valuable skills and knowledge that became the cornerstone of my professional career. Education has been instrumental in my life, equipping me with the tools to explore diverse possibilities and make meaningful contributions to the world.

Professional Journey

Career path and experiences

After completing my B.TECH, I set my sights on government jobs, specifically exams like SSC and WBCS. The journey began with rigorous preparation, and I immersed myself in the competitive world of exams. I took the WBCS preliminary exams three times, and once, I successfully progressed to the WBCS Mains.

Amidst the preparations, I found myself deeply engaged in various study groups, taking on the role of a moderator. These vibrant communities on Facebook brought together students like me to share knowledge and offer mutual support.

I didn’t just participate; I actively contributed by sharing notes, multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and helpful infographics. It was my way of giving back to the study groups that had become an invaluable part of my learning journey.

Over time, I realized that the personal notes I had compiled could be valuable to a broader audience. In 2021, I started an educational blog called “

After dedicating two years to the “gkbooks” blog, my interest shifted towards exploring the financial wealth of well-known celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Zoe Saldana, and Johnny Depp.

This curiosity was sparked when Johnny Depp won a defamation case against his former wife Amber Heard. As a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, I was intrigued by the real-life challenges faced by the main actor of the series.

In 2023, I decided to create a blog focused on the wealth and news of famous celebrities. Since then, I have successfully managed this blog alongside my main blog, “gkbooks.”

Expertise and Passion

I am a versatile content writer and blogger, proficient in a diverse array of subjects. My passion lies in breathing life into people’s stories through compelling biographies and creating engaging narratives that inspire and captivate readers. Additionally, I specialize in producing educational content tailored for competitive exams.

Leveraging my research skills, I have the ability to break down complex concepts, making learning easy and effective. I stay abreast of the latest current affairs, crafting timely articles that help readers comprehend the ever-changing world around them.

Whether it’s developing a captivating biography, simplifying educational materials, or covering the latest news, my commitment is to deliver high-quality content with precision and creativity.

Behind the Scenes

Daily routine and habits

As a blogger, my daily routine kicks off at 10 A.M. when I check emails and messages to stay connected with my audience. Between 10 A.M. and 1 P.M., I dedicate time to research and brainstorming, collecting information for my upcoming blog posts.

The writing sessions take place from 1 P.M. to 6 P.M., during which I shape my thoughts into engaging content. After taking a break to prevent burnout, I resume work from 6 P.M. to 9 P.M., focusing on editing and proofreading before publishing.

My schedule is adaptable; in case of urgent family matters, I prioritize them. From 10:30 P.M. to 2 A.M., I may tackle additional tasks or address any pressing issues. This dynamic routine enables me to balance creativity, engagement, and family commitments, ensuring a consistent delivery of valuable content to my readers.

Workspace and tools used for writing

My Small Home Office

The trend of working from home has become common, highlighting the significance of having a comfortable and efficient workspace to boost productivity. My home office is compact yet practical, situated in a corner of a single room.

I’ve allocated a small desk for my laptop, acknowledging the need for a specific area to foster a work-friendly environment, even within limited space. To improve the overall atmosphere, I’ve added a cozy chair and personal touches, making it a pleasant and inviting place to spend time.

Tools used for writing

Writers have a variety of tools at their disposal, and the choice often depends on personal preferences and the nature of the writing. Some common tools for writers include:

Word Processors:
Software like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or specialized writing tools such as Scrivener.

Text Editors:
Simple text editors like Notepad or advanced ones like Sublime Text for coding or distraction-free writing.

Content Management Systems (CMS):
Platforms like WordPress for bloggers and website content creators.

Cloud Storage:
Services like Google Drive or Dropbox for storing and accessing documents from multiple devices.

Grammar and Spell Checkers:
Tools like Grammarly or built-in features of word processors to ensure correct grammar and spelling.

Devices such as laptops, desktop computers, or tablets, along with peripherals like a comfortable keyboard or ergonomic chair.

Graphic Design Tools:
Canva is
a versatile graphic design platform for creating visual content like social media graphics, blog post images, or presentations.

AI Writing Assistance:
ChatGPT or similar AI tools for generating content ideas, improving writing, or receiving creative suggestions.

SEO Tools:
Ahrefs, a comprehensive SEO tool for keyword research, competitor content analysis, and generating titles and meta descriptions for improved search engine optimization.

Image Editing:, an online tool for removing image backgrounds, is useful for writers creating custom visuals for their content.

File Conversion:
Soumayahelp, an online tool for converting images into webP format, giving writers options to optimize image files for web use.

Fun facts or hobbies

I have some exciting hobbies that add zest to my life! First up is my rooftop gardening adventure, where I cultivate various herbs and veggies – it’s like having a hidden garden atop my house! Being a nature lover, it’s the perfect hobby for me.

But that’s not all; I’m also a huge fan of non-veg delights, especially biryani and homemade fast foods. The aromatic flavors of biryani and the joy of creating my own fast-food feasts at home make my taste buds dance.

To add a cherry on top, I spread a bit of laughter to the world by sharing funny memes on social media. It’s a quirky blend of green thumbs, foodie cravings, and online humor that adds a dash of excitement to my everyday routine.

Author’s Message to Readers

Thank you so much for being here! Your support means the world to me. I’m grateful to every reader who takes the time to explore my blog.

Social Media Links

Connect with Srikanta Mondal

LinkedIn Profile

✅ Connect with me on LinkedIn

Other Social Links of Neiworthtown.Com

Please stay connected with the latest updates by following our social media links.

Other Platforms or Projects

Discover My Other Blogs and Projects

I am currently working on four blogs. They are:

1️⃣ [Main Blog]
2️⃣ [Main Blog]
3️⃣ Bangla. [Sub-domain]
4️⃣ pdf. [Sub-domain]

You’re already familiar with my main blog site, Now, let me introduce my other blogs, along with their content and the motivation behind creating each one.

In 2021, I launched my first blog, which continues to be successfully run by me. This blog offers educational content focusing on competitive exams in India, including UPSC, SSC, CDS, RAILWAY, and various other state-level exams.


This site is an extension of the main site,, designed specifically to offer a diverse collection of PDFs covering a wide range of topics. These include educational materials, health and medical information, trading, business content, devotional resources, and more.

It’s crucial to mention that all the PDFs are already accessible on various domains or sites across the internet. What I’ve done is gather and share the links in one place, creating a convenient resource for anyone looking to find categorized PDFs in a single location.

✅ Visit: pdf.


This is also a branch site hosted on a sub-domain of gkbooks. The main purpose of this site is to provide content similar to the main blog,, but in Bengali. However, I must admit that due to time limitations, I haven’t been able to generate as much content on this site as I would like.

✅ Visit: Bangla.


So, what’s the deal with this blog? We’re your one-stop shop for all things money, fame, and success! Think of us as your personal guide to the exciting world of celebrity net worth, jaw-dropping real estate, inspiring biographies, juicy celeb news, and career earnings that make your eyes water.

Curious about how much your favorite celeb is worth? Want the inside scoop on their latest mansion purchase? Or maybe you crave the latest buzz on who’s topping the charts? We’ve got it all, served up in a way that’s easy to understand and totally fun to read.

Our promise? Well-researched, engaging content that keeps you coming back for more. Think of it as an adventure through the land of fortune and fame, where new stories unfold on every page.

Ready to join the ride? Welcome to the community! We can’t wait to explore the fascinating world of wealth and success together.

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